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Curry  / Benefits

Curry cancer benefits

A element found in tumeric,the yellow spice used in curry,has been shown to kill off cancer cells.Scientists say they have identified the health benefits of the chemical curcumin,which is already being tried as arthritis and dementia treatment,after an experiment at the CORK CANCER RESEARCH CENTRE CENTRAL demonstrated that it could destroy gullet cancer cells.

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 Curcumins anti-inflammatory properties are also thought to help fight arange of heath proplems,including arthritis and bowel conditions Crohns disease.Research has further suggested it could in the fight against Alzheimers disease,after tests showed build-up of plaques in the brain had halved and there was less inflammation in the brain tissue.


Curries make us " Karma "

New resaerch carried out has found that curry actually helps people to relieve stress,through the release of ENDORPHINS.Dispite it being common knowledge that exercise increases the release of endorphins helping improve mood,not many are aware that eating certain foods,including many curries,can effect people in exactly the same way.

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 Spice " may slow liver disease"

 Scientists have claimed that the Indian spice curcumin may slow down the progress ot liver disease. A study published in the JOURNAL GUT, looked at damage to the liver caused by progressive inflammatory illnesses,including primary sclerosing cholanglitis and primary biliary cirrhosis.

In tests, mice fed with curcumin experienced fewer blockages of the bile duct and less damage to cells in the liver and scaring, while those on a normal diet did not.


 Keeping an eye on saffron

Research has shown that saffron, which gives chicken kurma its distinctive yellow colour,helps keep eyesight sharp. Tests finding also suggests the spice reveses age-related macular degeneration,or AMD, the most common cause of blindness in old people, the  Daily Mail recently reported on its website.

Saffron has actually been used in traditional medicine for centuries to treat a range of ailments,and is well known as an anti-oxident. Researchers are now hoping to discover the ideal dosage for sharpening up peoples vision. They will also look at saffrons ability to treat genetic eye diseases that can cause life-long blindness.